How Does Rich Content Help Your Brand?

What is Rich content? 

Rich content can be described as a form of digital advertising that normally includes audio, visuals, or any element that encourage viewers to engage and interact with the content being provided. This can take a variety of different forms but some examples are videos, GIFS, Instagram stories, podcasts, content narration audio, infographics, live streams, and topical webinars. You can commonly find it in blog content, social media content, and emails. The goal of rich content is to make the ad viewer more inclined to engage.

Rich Content Vs Normal Content

Normal content is text-based and lacks auditory or visual elements. Although this form of advertising can be great for informing your audience, they’re usually not the most visually appealing. Viewers are easily bored, confused, or uninterested. This is why text-based content works best in conjunction with rich content. The two help balance each other out by creating an ad that is both informative and engaging.

Why Rich Content Matters

There are a number of reasons.

Grabs Attention

Nothing catches your attention better than an engaging photo or video. Many people are visual learners, and so presenting your content in a visual format can help people retain information about your brand and product. Even if you aren’t a visual learner, most people tend to find more enjoyment in watching a video clip. Visuals are also a universal language! If someone doesn’t understand the words, images can bridge the gap.

Increase Engagement

Rich content causes a lot more people to follow through with your call to action. By including enticing videos, visually appealing images, and graphics, or a funny gif, you can gain a sense of trust between you and your potential customer. That sense of trust may not have been there if you had not included a piece of rich content. Content that has visual elements is more professional than those that are only text-based. It also gives your brand a bit of flavor as it showcases your creativity.

Decrease Bounce Rates

Especially when it comes to videos, people are a lot less inclined to leave the website if a video has started playing when they open up your landing page. It piques their interest and oftentimes keeps them on the page for a while longer. . Viewers will stay on your site for as long as possible! This increases the chances of them purchasing something on your site.

Enhance User Experience

Rich content can help enhance the user experience by making it more enticing and unique than others. If you’re in an industry that oftentimes underestimates the value of rich content and you begin implementing it into your ads and on your site, you can imagine the positive response you will receive from your customers. They can feel excited and intrigued with your product because your rich content can serve as a breath of fresh air. This works especially well in industries where rich content is not prioritized.

Increase Search Reach

When you include rich content into your website and social media platforms, you increase the number of opportunities you have for your content searched and viewed online.

Overpower Your Competitors

When you create valuable rich content, you are able to create a certain “look” for your brand and your business. You can establish a certain aesthetic that is unique and specific to you and in turn become more easily identifiable to the masses.

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