How we can use social media to stay connected with our loved ones

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Social Media has come a long way since it was created. Every day more people open accounts and begin connecting with others expanding the global online network. While social media and the internet cannot replace face-to-face interaction, it can help us stay connected with our loved ones that are far away from us- especially during this quarantine.

Many platforms have evolved and have made it easier for us to communicate with our loved ones no matter the distance. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are three platforms that now allow us to connect with others in different ways. Here is how you can use them to stay connected:


As we know, Instagram is a media sharing social platform where people can share pictures and videos. However, this application has many more features that can help us keep in touch with our family and even communicate in groups! Here is what you can do with Instagram:

  • Share images and videos with individuals and groups
  • Send written messages to individuals and groups
  • Video call individuals and groups
  • Newest feature: you can host a co-watching party! You can go through funny memes, old pictures, and other accounts with your friends and family using this cool new feature and see their reactions as you all view them together. Click here to learn how.


Facebook is one of the social media platforms that gives you many different options to connect with people. This site has made many improvements in the social media world with its Messenger app. Here is what you can do with Facebook:

  • Share written, photographic, and video content with friends
  • Send written messages to individuals and groups
  • Individual and group voice calls
  • Individual and groups video calls
  • Create public or private groups to connect and share content with others that share a common interest with you
  • Host a watch party to see videos in real time with friends
  • Host online events to connect with your online network


Although this platform was originally created to send pictures that would disappear, the platforms now has new features that will allow you to do the following:

  • Send videos and images
  • Send written messages
  • Play quick games
  • Video calls
  • Voice calls

This guide from Hootsuite can help you create a Snapchat if you don’t already have one

As you read, there are many different ways you can stay connected and spend time with your friends and family no matter where they are! This list is just a sneak peek of the awesome features that social media platforms have created for us to stay connected with our friends and family.

We can all get through this quarantine together while keeping ourselves and others safe by staying at home! Diana Chico. Account Executive | UP Advertising